About Us - Our Story

German Shepherd Geek was actually created by accident.  When I got my first GSD I literally took Bear everywhere with me, to the point where it would sometimes be annoying to my family and friends.  Well, one day I went to visit a friend and I brought Bear with me as usual and my friend said, damn Jeff, that dog goes everywhere with you and asked me "What are you a, German Shepherd Geek"?  Of course my answer was yes...yes I am!  Fast forward to today, I thought about what he had said to me that day and I thought, what a great idea for an online pet store. An online store that ALL German Shepherd Dog lovers could go to and have a great unique shopping experience for them and their GSD's! So here we are today, German Shepherd Geek online Pet Store was created.  A place where all German Shepherd Dog Lovers could come and have a fun unique shopping experience that would not only be fun, but at the same time help raise money for German Shepherd Dog Rescues and the ASPCA.  We not only help GS Dogs, we also help other animals in need by donating to the ASPCA as well.  So, please know, that by shopping with us, you are helping to contribute funds that will not only help GS Dogs, but also help all other animals that are in need as we also donate to the ASPCA as well so, thank you for helping us give back so we can help as many GS Dogs and others animals that need our help!